Waste management

Thanks to its experience over time, Universal Trade boasts multiple collaborations with important treatment and transformation plants for hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Universal Trade has also entered into important commercial agreements with large plants abroad for the delivery of waste, directed to the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, for waste classified with the C.E.R. 19.12.10 / 19.12.12.

These important commercial agreements abroad have ensured that Universal Trade, to date, is one of the most important suppliers of the Malagrotta plant, as a structure dedicated to the reception and transformation of a large part of the waste deriving from the Municipality of Rome.

The company is in the process of signing agreements with further waste producers not only in Lazio, but also in other regions of Italy. The company guarantees both a logistics and a notification service with the various regional bodies, in order to offer a 360 ° service, using companies such as MSC.

Another strong point of Universal Trade is the ability to market multiple types of waste, helping production plants to transform their waste into MPS (second raw material). This leads to cost-effectiveness, rather than disposal expense, as well as an important benefit for the environment.