Maxidina dealer

Eliminates odor, sanitizer, detergent for industrial and professional use

Features and strengths

Maxidina® is a line of innovative and one-of-a-kind products, capable of oxidizing foul-smelling substances such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, organic nitrogen derivatives
and sulphites and to inhibit the anaerobic bacterial load to the advantage of active biomass.

Maxidina is the authentic odor eliminator, because it makes its elimination definitive and stable over time, eliminating the cause of the production of malodorous compounds, acting where detergents and disinfectants do not arrive.

Effective in sanitizing surfaces
smooth or porous and woven. Eliminates the organic substrate where bacteria and viruses easily proliferate, ensuring maximum sanitation

All products are environmentally friendly and formulated
with biodegradable components. Water-soluble packs are meant for
minimize the environmental impact and occupy as little space as possible

The products do not contain substances harmful to humans e
the environment, such as irritating and toxic volatile compounds by inhalation or enzymes that can generate allergic reactions