Who we are



Universal Trade was born and grows as a trader and brokerage company thanks to the over twenty years of experience of the administrator and collaborators. The Universal Trade team has been, over the years, the real strength of the company’s growth.

Among the driving sectors that have allowed the company’s growth there is above all the intermediation of waste. Through connections with important multinationals, Universal Trade has proposed itself as a fruitful intermediary for important stocks of cosmetics, perfumery and detergents. Specifically, the company boasts important partners such as Acqua & Sapone, Risparmio Casa, Bricofer Group, Ottimox, Barilla. Universal Trade also deals with acquisitions from judicial auctions and bankruptcies.

Universal Trade’s stability and growth has been consolidated over time by focusing on commercially essential sectors. In recent years it has also entered the oil sector, investing in a fuel depot with a capacity of 3 million liters. Thus, upon obtaining the license, Universal Trade will also be able to supply fuel to the same customers who currently collaborate with the company for the waste and stock service.

Universal Trade works, with seriousness and commercial respect, for a continuous business growth, also thanks to the collaboration with the best consultants of the various sectors of competence, in order to guarantee the utmost professionalism to the various customers.

Next Goals

The company is about to obtain the trader code for the customs clearance of petroleum products from abroad, through commercial agreements signed with the most important coastal depots in Italy. Universal Trade is awaiting confirmation of the commercial license of its fuel depot, located at the registered office in Pomezia (RM), shortly.

As regards the intermediation of waste disposal, Universal Trade is close to expanding its authorization up to 200,000 tons, for hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Certifications ( ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001: 2015 and qualified for the transport service and certified Category 8 )

Tons for hazardous and non-hazardous waste


Years of experience


A 360-degree service


Success factors

The continuous improvement of services is the basis of our business, respecting the regulations in force.

We are committed to the issue of sustainability and respect for the environment.

We are connected to the most important waste treatment plants, incinerators, energy recovery plants.


Compliance with current regulations required by law

The common goal is to involve companies in the management of their own waste (waste), enhancing it with recycling and raising the awareness of businesses on this front.

This will also lead to safeguarding the environment in which we live, as our waste, instead of ending up in disuse in the various Italian landfills (now saturated), will once again be valorised through “recycling”. This will give companies greater opportunities to create new products by purchasing the secondary raw material at lower costs. Furthermore, the waste is also used as a source of electricity production.