Petroleum Products


Over 10 years of consolidated reality

For over 10 years, Universal Trade has been a consolidated reality in the energy sector, a point of reference especially for the supply and marketing of energy products for consumption and wholesale (gasoline, diesel, lubricating oils).

The world is increasingly in need of energy: for the home, for business, for mobility. We offer innovative, dynamic and sustainable products and services to make your life easier, saving resources and respecting the environment. We have made a commitment: to make the future more efficient.

The company’s willingness to invest, as a trader, in energy products pursuant to the MEF decree 12/04/2018 has recently been requested from the financial administration.

The products that we will place on the market range from diesel fuel to denatured products such as agricultural diesel, heating oil, diesel fuel for fishing boats.

The deposit, located in Pomezia, subject to authorization in progress pursuant to Article 25 of the T.U.A. strategically falls within the design and the will of the company to cover the vast market of the Lazio region. The operations will be as follows: direct delivery of energy products, diesel, petrol, network / wholesale; storage of tax-paid energy products on behalf of third parties; resale of lubricants.